Strategic Initiative

Constructing with environmental and social care and welfare

We at Kamalraj Group are a responsible corporate citizen. We believe that apart from generating a great customer patronage, giving back through social initiatives is essential to being a good corporate citizen. Our Social Initiative practices are strongly integrated into our culture and business and fall into three key areas: environment and ecology, art and culture, educational enrichment.


We work towards building an environment friendly organization. From small initiatives like energy conservation, we also undertake large-scale initiatives like rainwater harvesting and tree plantation. Starting from the basics, we have provided a green campus as a built-in feature in all our residential projects. We have planted number of trees in and around the projects campus not merely for decorative purposes but also to provide an environment with clean air to our customers and the society. We have also taken efforts to green the open spaces in and around our projects at Pune.

Kamalraj Group is pro-actively practicing environment and ecology principles to make our projects truly eco-friendly. We have drafted out some basic principles for practicing eco-housing wherever possible.

  • Site planning and impact on biodiversity
    • Plan for basic amenities within walking distance of housing. This would reduce the use of private transportation.
    • Develop site layout based on solar geometry and wind pattern.
    • Provide site lighting through efficient and renewable energy technologies
  • Environmental architecture
    • Perform solar path analysis to arrive at optimum orientation, distance from the adjacent building, size of shading device.
    • Size windows and openings for ventilation and daylighting.
  • Energy-efficient systems and use of renewable energy technologies
    • Use the solar water heating system for households.
    • Use solar PV powered lighting for common areas/street lights, signages.
    • Use energy-efficient lifts and pumps.
  • Eco-friendly construction practices and materials
    • Minimum use of wood as a natural material for interior works
  • Water conservation
    • Reduce water requirement for landscaping by use of efficient landscape practices
    • Use rainwater harvesting for aquifer recharge and various landscape applications.
  • Waste water and solid waste management
    • Treat and dispose entire waste water generated on-site.
    • Reuse treated water for building applications.
    • Provide decentralized system or recycling center for disposal.

With an aim to promote the Indian Art and Culture we plan to take part in various art shows and provide sponsorship to cultural activities. We actively contribute and promote towards various art forms like drawing, music, dance and so on. Also, the cultural programs would be done at all our festivals like Ganpati, Navratri, Diwali. 


We have been providing financial assistance to low-income-group students from primary to higher education. As on date, the Company has also provided assistance towards the construction of school buildings in and around Pune.

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