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In India’s fast-growing economy, real estate has emerged as one of the most appealing investment areas for domestic as well as foreign investors. The real estate sector will continue to derive its growth from the booming IT sector, since an estimated 70 per cent of the new construction is for the IT sector “a report by Price water house Coopers has said.

India, like many other parts of the world is witnessing an boom in the real estate sector. In India the growth of real estate is evident across the whole country. Whether it is Bangalore, Pune, Calcutta or Chennai or Hyderabad or even already sky high Mumbai and Delhi – the story is the same.

Now apartments are more than just houses. They are about lifestyle. So while the first housing colonies had nothing but a security guard, these new housing colonies have a gym (spa, steam), swimming pool (heated, lined with Italian marble).

  • Pune is the leading IT hub of the state. 
  • It is also called as the Oxford of the east, due to various educational institutes.
  • Proximity to the major business hub of Mumbai. 
  • The upcoming metro route for ease of travelers.
  • Rich in Culture, history, and traditions. 
  • Upcoming International Airport for direct international flights. 
  • Blend of youth and the old generation.
  • Better job opportunities for the youth hence people relocate here. 

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